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Sing Like a bird

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Colvin , CA

"Dani was my voice teacher for the second semester of the 22/23 school year. Overall, it was the best voice lesson experience I have had in my life! Danny made the lessons a super enjoyable experience; he tailored lessons to the things that I like to do, participated and sang with me, and gave positive, constructive feedback. Because of how enjoyable the lessons were, it motivated me to put in more work outside of lessons than I had in the past. This helped me not only improve more in one semester of weekly lessons with Dani than I did in years but also gain the tools to continue improving on my own in the future. Above all, Dani is a kind person and a good friend who I can’t speak highly enough about."


Dani Assis is an amazing vocal coach. It was my first time taking jazz voice lessons, and Dani not only helped me with my sound, but also taught me scales, arpeggios, and jazz theory. My theory skills progressed at a rate much faster than ever before, and in the span of a year I learned so much about my voice. Dani worked with me to find songs that I would like working on, making sure to ask me what it was that I wanted to do in every lesson. As I built my repertoire, I felt positive pressure to practice so that Dani could share even more of his musical knowledge with me and help me progress even further. He can do everything he instructs me to do and more; Dani’s examples of musical storytelling and scatting were inspiring to hear. He brings a positive energy into every room, and provides constructive criticism alongside his compliments so that everyone feels good. Dani is truly a pleasure to work with.
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